Horse Bell Boots

Quality Equine Protective Bell Boots

Plain Bell Boots

B-Boots plain bell boots are made with 6mm neopoprene with a binding around the top.
They are fastened with a double velcro fastner of 38mm.
They offer great protection for horses that are prone to over reach and knock the heels of the front feet.

Set of two plain bell boots $30

black plain bell boots
white lain bell boots

Sizing Guide

Made-to-Measure Service

B-Boots have a range of standard sized work boots but also make boots to fit odd sizes. Whether you have a large horse or a small pony and have had trouble getting a boot to fit, B-Boots can custom make made-to-measure boots to suit your horse.


Estimated Sizing Chart

Horses 17 HH and above - Extra Large

Horses 16HH to 17HH - Large (Medium Front/Large Hind)

Horses 14HH to 16HH - Medium (Medium Front/Medium Hind)

Horses 14HH and under - Small

Fleece Bell Boots

B-Boots fleece bell boots are made the same as the plain bell boots, without the binding.
They are bound at the top of the bell boot with fleece.
The fleece is 100% pure wool the same as the fleece lined shin boots.
Fleece or plain, bell boots the preference is purely personal as they both offer protection from over reaching and knocking.

Set of two fleece bell boots $40

white fleece bell boots
black fleece bell boots